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Batteries Europe’s launches its second KPI benchmarking reflecting latest technology developments

In accordance with the New Battery Regulations, Batteries Europe provides the most recent developments on critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for every link in the battery value chain. These KPIs address topics like energy consumption, CO2 footprint, and recycling content. Additionally, this second edition divides advanced materials at the material and cell levels and is more application-focused in activities related to stationary energy storage and transportation.

The KPI values provide critical insights to different actors and for different uses: the researchers can benchmark the progress of their R&I projects, industry stakeholders can understand long-term objectives and challenges, policymakers can integrate them into upcoming regulations and policy statements and funding agencies can have a reference for supporting research towards the achievement of a sustainable European battery value chain.

The core of the benchmarking is presented in an Excel spreadsheet indicating the most relevant KPIs and their corresponding values per facet of the battery value chain, complemented by a disclaimer elucidating the parameters and methodologies utilized to facilitate the understanding. The Excel is complemented by a report that summarises and explains the discussion, approach and consensus achieved on the six working groups: New and emerging technologies, raw materials and recycling, advanced materials, cell design and manufacturing, application and integration for mobile and stationary sectors.

Batteries Europe and BEPA (Batteries European Partnership Association) have worked hand in hand to attain the consensus of the industry and scientific experts participating in the working groups. This discussion and dialogue would continue through 2024, presenting the next edition in September.

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