KPIs Benchmarking

This section provides a set of battery-related KPIs that have been defined jointly by BE and BEPA members. The document is structured by domain, according to the six WGs, to improve the readability and to reflect the working process, even there are some KPIs that are relevant for several domains. It includes a glossary that gathers general relevant definitions and the KPIs used in each of the BE/BEPA WGs according to their scope, together with their description. The aim of the glossary is to unambiguously frame the scope and conditions of each of the KPIs and provide information about the metrics used. The glossary was elaborated and reviewed by BE/BEPA experts together and thoroughly reviewed by the JRC.
Besides the glossary, several KPI tables, classified according to the scope of each of the WGs are provided. These include referenced baseline values from 2023 (carefully evaluated according to reliably published data) and future expected values, framed in 2027, 2030, 2035 or 2050, depending on the type of KPI.